DOCTOR DOGBODY'S LEG by James Norman Hall


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One side of the Nordhoff-Hall team has done these variations on a theme in a masterly way. He has taken a ship's surgeon, Dr. Dogbody, as his story teller; he has made The Cheerful Tortoise, harborside inn where men of the sea congregate, as his background, and he has let his spinner of yarns use the ""true story of how he lost his leg"" as the springboard, the be-all and the end-all of every tale he tells. High standards throughout --nothing humdrum about a succession of adventures that take him round the world, make him hero on land and sea, and allow him to tell the tale ""a dozen times and never twice the same, for if ever a man lost a leg in some strange way and survived the loss miracle-fashion, that man is Surgeon F. Dogbody."" Man's book.

Pub Date: July 10th, 1940
Publisher: Little, Brown