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THINK LIKE A DINOSAUR by James Patrick Kelly


and Other Stories

by James Patrick Kelly

Pub Date: Aug. 18th, 1997
ISBN: 0-9655901-9-4
Publisher: Golden Gryphon

 From the author of Look into the Sun (1989), etc., a first story collection of 14 tales, 198497, including the Hugo Awardwinning title piece about the moral and ethical complications that ensue when intelligent space-traveling dinosaurs introduce a teleportation device to Earth. Also noteworthy: ``Faith,'' a love story involving a man who talks to plants; ``Breakaway, Breakdown,'' a witty, discerning piece consisting of responses given by a spacewoman--readers have to supply the questions for themselves; ``Crow,'' an effective post-nuclear chiller; ``Monsters,'' wherein a grotesque hunchback who turns out to be an angel drives a potential psycho-killer back to sanity; and the famous ``Mr. Boy,'' a sort of techno version of Philip JosÇ Farmer's return-to-the-womb classic, ``Mother.'' The remainder feature variations on: life on the future dole; fathers and daughters; dreams, impotence, and salvation; cybersex; adulterous guys becoming unpersons; the '60s generation; and a rodent drug courier. An admirably diverse set of themes: readers attuned to Kelly's singular attitude and approach should find much to appreciate.