THE ELEPHANT IN THE BARN by James Playsted Wood


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No elephant could be smarter than the one who lives with Stephan, Susan and little David. He not only talks, but shapes up into a wonderful elephant snow-man in winter, saves children from drowning by hoisting them out of the water in summer and managers a pretty good haul- ""trick or treating""- on Halloween. Of course he is boastful and quite conceited, but basically he is goodhearted, especially when the family leaves him in charge of the house and he organizes the domestic animals into a military guard duty unit. Some adults like Stephen's teacher and a hysterical neighbor can't believe he exists; but others like father and mother and the lifeguard at the beach readily accept him. The fantastic situation depicted in the ""ordinary"" world is the springboard for humor here designed for those who can easily envision these hilarious images. The more ""serious"" minded will sense a pervading sense of foolishness and will ask questions that reveal a few ""scientific"" discrepancies.

Pub Date: Sept. 27th, 1961
Publisher: Harper