BEAVERS: Their Extraordinary Lives and Curious History by James Poling

BEAVERS: Their Extraordinary Lives and Curious History

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Eighteenth century naturalist Georges Buffon believed that beavers equipped their lodges with windows and balconies. The truth, as Poling reveals it here in this fact-filled essay, is hardly less surprising. Poling shows a cross section of a beaver lodge with its ingeniously constructed feeding shelf, sleeping shelf and flooded tunnel entrances; explains how beavers find air pockets under the winter ice and how they log trees up to three feet in diameter; and tells why, despite the expression ""busy as a beaver,"" these creatures live a relaxed life most of the year. Although the accompanying photos are rather disappointing, this is an intriguingly detailed introduction to these popular animals--one which does justice to their ecological importance as well as their engineering genius.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1975
Publisher: Franklin Watts