THE PARACHUTE: From Balloons to Skydiving by James R. Greenwood

THE PARACHUTE: From Balloons to Skydiving

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The newest fad in participant sport is skydiving. Jump clubs have been started all over the country and the possibilities for disaster have kept them a sports page feature. Combining the simple history of the parachute with a brisk discussion of the special techniques that have been developed for their safest use, the author has produced a book that should both appeal to and inform potential and practicing ""silk splitters."" Mr. Greenwood has excellent credentials. He is an editor/journalist who has specialized in aviation and space affairs; he is a licensed pilot; and he once served as a parachute jumping instructor who has helped set the standards that rule the sport. In addition to being very well done, and covering a subject where beginners' information is scattered, the book offers tempting possibilities for unusual recommendations--i.e. ""Here, take a good flying jump.

Pub Date: May 29th, 1964
Publisher: Dutton