BEYOND MONOGAMY: Recent Studies of Sexual Alternatives in Marriage by James R. & Lynn G. -- Eds. Smith

BEYOND MONOGAMY: Recent Studies of Sexual Alternatives in Marriage

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Sixteen articles by psychologists and other social scientists -- including such familiar voices as Alex Comfort, Nena & George O'Neill, Jessie Bernard, and Albert Ellis -- about the possibilities of ""transmarital sexuality."" Some concern themselves with the vices of monogamy: its possessiveness, its ""fetishism"" of sex; others argue that, while most will prefer monogamy, those who choose otherwise should not be a priori assumed to have a ""perverse, neurotic and/or pathological disposition.""(Research on members of the Sexual Freedom League reveals normality, according to one personality inventory [MMPI]). In the introductory essay, the Smiths explore the possibility of ""consensual adultery"" as ""eufunction"": sexual and personal growth with other partners in a ""companionate,"" ""ludenic"" (""civilized adult play"") marriage (the authors do suffer from a severe case of thesaurus-in-mouth disease). While such speculations occasionally sound exotic, the contributors do not shy from such prima facie objections as dependency needs and child raising. In spite of hints of Shangri-la, this is a valuable study.

Pub Date: Aug. 2nd, 1974
Publisher: Johns Hopkins Univ. Press