HIGH CONQUEST The Story of Mountaineering by James R. Ullman

HIGH CONQUEST The Story of Mountaineering

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A comprehensive survey of the less than 100 years of accomplishments in the field of mountain climbing, beginning with the pioneer mountaineering in the Alps, to the worldwide scope of the fraternity in the last 50 years. Why men climb mountains, for sport, exercise, competition, exploration, scientific research, physical and spiritual adventure; where they have climbed, when and how, the men and the problems they encountered; highlighting of the greatest mountains and their scalers, the world over. The technique, the craft, the specializing of knowledge acquired from experience, stories of the tragedies, successes and failures of the struggle between mountains and men. The adventures yet to come. This seems to cover, in the compass of one volume, what has been written in individual books about various expeditions and attempts...and to give a broad picture of accomplishments to date and the men behind them.

Pub Date: Oct. 15th, 1941
Publisher: Lippincott