WILD VENTURE by James Ralph Johnson


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Glen and his friend ""Pear"" are challenged by a statement that modern man has lost the capacity to survive unequipped in the wilderness. Applying information and keen ingenuity, the two set out for a desolate canyon and forest region to prove the contention invalid. We are increasingly fascinated, if vaguely incredulous, as the two grapple with and eventually conquer their primitive environment. Admiration if not appetites will be stimulated as the boys fish, roast turtle eggs, hunt, and select nourishing plants. Improvisation was the order of the project; so a turtle shell served as a stewing pan, baked mud made fine pots, horse chestnut leaves repelled insects, a bark silver relieved a toothache, etc. How the boys fashioned frontier furniture, a plumbing and heating system, an ingenious compass certainly restores our faith in the resourcefulness of man, not buried with Daniel Boone. A treasure of information is revealed here, but we take a conservative view of any such spirited attempt by the reader.

Pub Date: March 1st, 1961
Publisher: Follett