EVEREST: Kingdom of Adventure by James Ramsey- Ed. Ullman

EVEREST: Kingdom of Adventure

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A collection of the writings about the ""great unfinished adventure"" -- the attempts to climb the highest mountain, which corrals the personal accounts of the many mountaineers -- and the many failures to achieve success. The introduction by the editor is, as would naturally be expected, a tribute to the men (all English) and the challenge, and also a short, glowing account of the history and accomplishments of high mountain climbing. The accounts themselves give a vivid picture of the determination, skill, and fortitude needed for the ascent, the hopes of attaining the summit, and the persistent belief in the near-impossibility of achieving that aim. There are too the details of organization, planning and strategy needed for the work of the seven expeditions; the techniques and spirit of mountaineering; and the experiences of those who came back (and those who did not) reveal the lure and importance of Mt. Everest in the minds of those who dream of proving the climb can be made. A gallant tribute to gallant men, this concentrates information of which little has reached the general public.

Pub Date: Sept. 25th, 1947
Publisher: William Sloane