FLIGHT OF FANCY by James Riddell


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Handsomely and most lavishly illustrated with photographs by the author, this is a day by day account of the flight he and Nevil Shute, author, took in Item Willie, from Ports via India, Siam, Indonesia, Australia, Bali, and back to Greece. Item Willie was a roctor V, fitted with long range tanks; Shute's interests ""purely fiction"" so there was no conflict between the writers; the mileage ran to 35,000 miles (they lost 1,300 at the end through frustrating complications); Shute was owner and pilot and the author a rather insecure navigator. And he supplies a fascinating angle to what could have been just another travel journal, for along with the happenings of the day is his recall of the dreams (of other worlds, places and times) which haunt his waking hours, that take him in reality from country to country, geography to more geography -- and completely different kinds of people. there is a sparkling quality of unexpected humor here, a warm, completely individual response to the previously known and totally unknown ports of call, visions from the air, and dream worlds on the ground. Personality-plus for the international visas.

Publisher: Duell, Sloan & Pearce