STARK SUMMER by James Robert Perry
Kirkus Star


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A likeable and intelligent first novel about an unorthodox family in a two-bits Southern town, with some superior writing and incisive characterization. There wont be a big market for this novel, but the author will bear watching and a careful winnowing of your customers will find a number who will enjoy this. There is Gramp Calhoun, making the best of old age. There is his daughter-in-law, welding the family together. There are the three children, Walter, habitually drunk and violent; Pat who has a W P A teaching job and who has a fling with a youth she does not love and pays the price; there is Charlie, the best of the bunch, who comes back home to run the local paper, who falls in love and marries. It is not a big book, but it is worth reading, and worth watching.

Pub Date: Sept. 6th, 1939
Publisher: Harper