THE MAGIC TREE by James & Ruth McCrea
Kirkus Star


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Two issues into this season and this is the first story with a really astringent heroine -- a princess with a foul disposition. All is not lost for her however; she knows she isn't happy. The sound of a gardener's boy humming about his work sets her stomping through the royal posy patch to see what could possibly make him so content. On finding him resuscitating a discarded fruit tree, she leaps to the conclusion that its fruit holds the key and gulps it down. Poetic justice in the form of a belly ache strikes and will satisfy young listeners who won't miss the point that happiness can be found in hard work well done. The illustrations are distinctive -- this Royal Family is as pudgily homely as anything the intermarriages of the Almanach de Gotha ever produced and the Princess' fussily corrugated hair is unforgettable.

Pub Date: March 23rd, 1965
Publisher: Atheneum