WAR EAGLES by James Sagon Childers


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The picturesque and spectacular Eagle Squadron lovingly and glowingly chronicled, from the early days of its sabotaging military tradition, its rebellious deviations from routine ways, on to its shaking down into a vital factor of the R A F. There are the Americans who composed the original group, why they flew for the British, how they took the rules and instruction, the men who led them, -- a bad beginning and a good record. Then the operational jobs, the reports of the filers of combat and extensive accounts of individual filers -- and specifically the record of the 71st Eagle Squadron (there were three) up to the day they were transferred from the British flag to the American. Exciting incidents, graphically reported; and a very human picture of the young filers. But one has a feeling that it has all been told before, though it is still fun reading. Plus sale for boys who like American hero stuff.

Pub Date: April 30th, 1943
ISBN: 1164510959
Publisher: Appleton-Century