THE STRAWBERRY STATEMENT: Notes of a College Revolutionist by James Simon Kunen
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THE STRAWBERRY STATEMENT: Notes of a College Revolutionist

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This book was written on napkins and cigarette packs and hitch-hiking signs. It was spread all over, but so is my mind."" And so is young (19) James Kunen--up the wall and on the ledge of Columbia reading Lord Jim or shaving with Grayson Kirk's razor during the happening, or on television, or writing parts of his (this?) diary for New York magazine, or going home from time to time, or attending Liberation classes and Strategy Meetings, or making a fast trip to Canada with Laura (with whom he falls in love) looking up draft dropouts. He's kind of everywhere and nowhere since he's the first to admit he doesn't have much ""political comprehension"" and that he just wants ""to do something and know something."" Anyway, these notes are attractive and lively in their randomness and disconnectedness and Mr. Kunen is often very funny (his parallels between the cockroaches in his apartment and the Viet Cong; or on hair). And his book, something between a manifesto and a manifestation, is a very sassy item for on and off the campus.

Pub Date: April 30th, 1969
Publisher: Random House