CANIS THE WARRIOR by James Sinclair


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More Anglo-Saxon action from the author of Warrior Queen (1978), again featuring heroic and super-sexy General Cards of Boadicea's defeated army. His queen is now dead (though she lives on in the hearts of her still rebellious Iceni, Trinovantes, and Brigantes), but she returns in spirit to possess the body of lovely Roman aristocrat Lydia at those moments when Canis makes love to her. Lydia has left her own people to follow him and have his child, but life is complicated by the fact that Canis is engaged to Boadicea's jealously possessive daughter, Princess Cea. The eternal triangle does nothing, however, to cramp the style of the guerrillas; Canis tweaks the beard of Roman general Paullinus even in his own tent, and all the Roman legions are powerless against him. And when Lydia is captured through treachery, he rescues her singlehanded--and later uses his fabled sex appeal to win his tribes safe conduct through Brigante into the Welsh mountains, where at last they will be safe from the Romans. Foolish but--even without Boadicea--rousing.

Pub Date: April 5th, 1979
Publisher: St. Martin's