MONTY by James Stevenson
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An alligator who daily accommodates a little frog, duck, and rabbit by carrying them across the river on their way both to and from school? You might well question the arrangement, and Monty does also after too many weeks? months? of being prodded and rebuked by the unappreciative little scholars. (""Don't wobble so much, Monty!"" ""Let's see some speed, Monty!"") Monty simply decides without warning to take a vacation, and after unsuccessfully trying to get across on four turtle backs and then a plank/springboard, the children no longer take the alligator for granted. The three learn their well-deserved lesson in loosely-sketched, lightly colored comic-strip frames that well suit the easy flow of the story; the expressive pictures and brisk lines (""Who wants to watch a duck think?"" asks a disgruntled turtle at one point) amuse in themselves as they move things along.

Pub Date: April 2nd, 1979
Publisher: Greenwillow