DO YOURSELF A FAVOR, KID by James Stevenson


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This is the brief, ineffective record of an episode in the life of Tom Kirk, a young father of three in the suburbs, who works for a ""picture magazine"" called view. The Magazine's jreporters are allowed three factual errors in their published stories before they are fired, and Tom has made two. He is offered the opportunity to redeem himself by doing a special story on Beanpole Baker, a 7(apple) foot Negro basketball whiz (only a junior in high school, at this point) who is working as a bell-hop in a hotel in the Catskills for the summer. A caricature of Grossinger's serves as the backdrop as Tom divides his time between bored and bewildered sun-burned girls and poor Beanpole Baker, who is now constantly stalked and exploited by scores of merciless reporters and photographers. The story ends and Tom finds Beanpole, who has run away, and decides to give the boy the bus fare he needs to get to his home in Pennsylvania. Tom will probably be fired, but his lovely young wife and kids will be proud of him.

Pub Date: March 26th, 1962
Publisher: Macmillan