ONE AMERICA: Our Racial and National Minorities by

ONE AMERICA: Our Racial and National Minorities

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This is a revised edition of Our Racial and National Minorities, published 1937, and is retitled to indicate that through war we have become One America. Gains and losses have been compressed into five years. Understanding of them should aid their continuance. The text as it stands is a complete revision, with some eliminations, some new material... In part, the book presents necessary factual background, in a broad sense; then follows successive chapters on hyphenated Americans, on the American Indians, the American Negro, the Jews. Activities of minority groups (most of this is new), racial and cultural conflicts and education, and finally, trends towards absorption new attitudes, educational exchanges through mutual contributions, etc. A useful basic book -- though somewhat pedagogic in style now and again. Valuable statistics and bibliography.

Publisher: Prentice-Hall