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home, homespun, honest Harry Truman, whose character and career represent an amuzing consistency, whose accession -- unsought -- to the Presidency exemplifies the American way. Serious, studious as a boy, Harry began work at 17 -- oddjobbed -- finally went back to the farming life of his boyhood. He was a Captain and served overseas during the 1st World War, he returned to marry his childhood sweetheart, and after an unfortunate business venture, he went into politics under the segis of the Pendergast machine in Kansas City. County judge, but making no concessions to boss politics, he became Senator, and in 1940 gave evidence of his administrative ability in his forthright handling of the investigations under the Truman Committee. Finally, under party pressure, he became candidate for the Vice Presidency. Here is a life of achievement the slow, hard way; -- a modest, mild-mannered man, a ""progressive conservative"" in opinion, undeviating in loyalty and integrity. McHaughton is the Time man assigned to Truman...and the book assembles all that is known or can, so far, be presented, lending substance rather than personality appeal, and illustrating the recent judgment ""Roosevelt was for the people; Marry Truman is the people"". This book was in process of compilation before he became President.

Pub Date: Sept. 17th, 1945
Publisher: Whittlesey