THE WORM RE-TURNS: The Best from the Worm Runner's Digest by James V. McConnell

THE WORM RE-TURNS: The Best from the Worm Runner's Digest

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What Digest? The Worm Runner's Digest. Oh...that's what I thought you said. You're probably wondering about the name. Uh-huh. Well, worm runners are scientists engaged in the study and experiments of the Planaria, commonly known as the flatworm or in layman's language worm. All sounds rather squishy. It's not really, the Worm Runners educate a worm, cut it in half and then let it regenerate to see if both ends remember the lessons. Astonishing! A real breakthrough in education. It's actually very interesting, the worms are kind of regenerate degenerates- hermaphrodites you know. Shocking! What about the Digest? Yes, well it contains a series of spoofs on science written by scientists primarily for other scientists, the more liberal ones I would expect. It includes poetry, stories, cartoons- mostly satiric. Is it good? Actually, some of the contributors should keep on experimenting but it's generally a good scientific proposition. What about the worms? Oh, didn't I mention it? They've written some of the funniest stories in the book.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1965
Publisher: Prentice-Hall