THE WIND AT MORNING by James Vance Marshall


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An easy, earnest historical adventure which recreates the voyage of Magellan's armada of five ships, as seen through the eyes of a young page, the orphaned Juan. As servant to one of Magellan's aristocratic captains, Juan is at first hostile to the Captain-General for his scandal-laced past, his ruthlessness in putting down a mutiny and executing the leaders, and his lordly insistence on pursuing his dream of reaching the Spice Islands by sailing west. However, during the extraordinary and terrible events -- sojourns on island paradises and hostile shores, slaughter and the terrors of storms, hunger and disease, and finally treachery--Juan becomes devoted to Magellan. The latter's death, caused by both his fanatic zeal to spread Christianity and the cruelty of the man who succeeded him, is searing. The author has adhered closely to the given facts of the remarkable circumnavigation and sea buffs will enjoy it.

Pub Date: Sept. 21st, 1973
Publisher: Morrow