THE SINGLE PATH by James W. Fifield


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On the Pacific Coast, Dr. Fifield, a Congregational minister in Los Angeles, holds somewhat the same position of revered friend to thousands and counsellor to those in trouble that Norman Vincent Peale has held on the Eastern seaboard. His radio program, his preaching, his work through many channels have brought peace and comfort and purpose to seekers. The return to God as ""the single path"" is the purpose of this book. He has used the facts of everyday life,- marriage, pareood, business -- as his backgrounds; he has sought to show how others have found the way and solved their problems; he indicates some of the techniques anyone can use in prayer and precept and example. He has taken many of the common illa,- age, failure- and equally success, loneliness, and showed how faith can bring the sought for change. This is a book for the man in the street, in the market place. Its homely philosophy is deeply rooted in love of man and God.

Pub Date: Oct. 18th, 1957
Publisher: Prentice-Hall