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SILENCER by James W. Hall


by James W. Hall

Pub Date: Jan. 19th, 2010
ISBN: 978-0-312-35959-1
Publisher: Minotaur

A charitable deal to protect thousands of pristine Florida acres from development lands Hall’s newly wealthy hero Thorn literally in a deep hole.

Thorn’s plan to donate a big chunk of the land left him by Abigail Bates to the state seems to be improved when Earl Hammond asks him to swap his holdings for Coquina Ranch, the even bigger spread Hammond’s son Browning has turned into a hunting preserve, and donate Coquina instead. But the new twist has a serious downside, Thorn realizes after he’s marched out of his own party by Browning hangers-on Moses and Jonah Faust, whose shadowy paymaster has offered them $2,000 to kill him. Luckily for their designated victim, the MoJo brothers smell serious money and want to cut themselves in for a bigger slice; they decide to kidnap Thorn now, pump him for information that will help them follow the money and wait till later to kill him. So they drop him into a 20-foot sinkhole to question him. Just in case parched, hungover Thorn can’t climb out of his prison, overpower his armed minders and escape from a barbed-wire enclosure containing him and a generous selection of wild animals, his ladylove Rusty Stabler and his old buddy Sugarman, who don’t for a minute believe the note he was forced to leave behind, go hunting for him. Violent complications ensue.

Less mystery, menace, sadism and comic-book kink than most of Thorn’s adventures (Hell’s Bay, 2008, etc.), but enough to keep the fans happy till next year.