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The author of U-Boat Killer, a highly credible account of submarine warfare, reviews the North Sea battle of 1916 between the then two most powerfully assembled fleets in the world. The battle of Jutland was the culminating moment of more than a decade of deadly rivalry for the control of the seas between Britain, undisputed mistress for 100 years, and Germany, vigorous, ambitious newcomer. Drawn from the official war records of both sides, excluding details of courses, distances of opponents and minor destroyer encounters of the battle, this recounting traces the direction of events from the preparatory reorganization of the Royal Navy and the creation of the huge dreadnoughts to the final confused, conflicting reports concerning the principals -- Admirals Jellicoe, Scheer, Beatty, Hipper and the outcome of the battle which both sides claimed as a victory. Capt. Macintyre has taken full dramatic advantage of this unique episode in naval history. Includes appendices of the organization of the rival fleets.

Publisher: Norton