CHECK-OFF by Jameson G. Campaigne


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With the help of the McClellan Committee reports, Jameson Campaigne has tackled the grand art of muckraking and then launched a lot of old fashioned sling-shots at labor and their unions. Check-Off assembles a bill of particulars, hard-, slow motioned and rather one-eyed; excellent as ammunition for the right, perfect in browbeating the woolly left, but not much good when finally assessing the ticklish and more and more turbulent problems confronting industrial man. Give author Campaigne works for shattering the liberal-humanistic pretensions behind demagogic leadership about the wage-earners him too for his excellent persona non grata dossier , which follows that august figure through his early socialist beliefs to the conservative suit and bullet-proof car ezardom; and applaud also the mick-triggered analysis of the Kohler factory melees, the bought union votes, the of a Hoffa, the Napoleonic claptrap of a Carey and the general of how the in gaining material benefits largely lost his individual . Yet for all that, the book suffers from playing only one part of the forest. and Big Business go in hand: If Campaigne can't really see the woods it's because he's still overtly or covertly influenced by the trees. There are more things in the rapprochement between labor and management than are dreamt of in his Teamster nightmare.

Pub Date: Oct. 15th, 1961
Publisher: Regnery