TOOLCHEST: A Primer of Woodcraft by Jan Adkins

TOOLCHEST: A Primer of Woodcraft

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Adkins introduces hand woodworking tools with the same evident devotion he applied to The Art and Industry of Sandcastles (1971) and The Craft of Sail (KR, p. 569, J-187). In the spirit of one who sees ""the sawn board we buy for mere money at a lumber store"" as a cut out of life itself,"" he discusses grain (how it's formed, what it shows, how to work with it) and sets down in a chart the qualities (strength, hardness, finish, etc.) of 22 common woods, then explains in precise, practical terms and accurate, loving pictures the uses and habits of various measuring, cutting, shaping and other hand tools. There are no specific step-by-step projects here, but unlike existing saw-along-the-dotted-line primers, Adkins communicates a solid sense of rapport with his materials.

Pub Date: Nov. 8th, 1973
Publisher: Walker