LADISMOUSE or The Advantages of Higher Education by Jan Balet

LADISMOUSE or The Advantages of Higher Education

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Three maligned mice with lots of noisy toys in hand (""Toot-toot/Beep-beep/Hoppety-skip/Tan-tan-tara"") and one omniscient, omnipotent Ladismouse with scholarly tongue in wait in cheek, reading the paper while mother cooks and tries to keep the children in check. ""Go play outside...OUTSIDE!"" -- ""I'm scared/It's dangerous/Who needs fresh air?"" -- but they go just the same, until ""Oh-oh"" in unison, followed by ""Didn't you hear what your dear Mother said?"" They explain: ""There's a great/ enormous/blue-striped cat/.../right in front/of the door."" ""Is that so? We'll soon deal with him"" (that's Ladismouse's royal'we'). ""Just watch me. Grrr/Grrow/Bow-wow/WOOF-WOOF!"" ""You see?"" (All gone cat...) ""You should always know how to speak a foreign language"". Father knows best? Unless your listeners know better, they'll hear old roles reinforced and end up parroting the parody.

Pub Date: June 1st, 1971
Publisher: Walck