MY LOVE, MY ENEMY by Jan Cox Speas


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From the magnolia and moss rose of her Chesapeake plantation, Page Bradley becomes a woman of the world. She finds herself a prisoner aboard a British ship (the war of 1812 is going great guns) and her feelings are captured by Hazard, a Viscount, presumably on an innocent visit to America. They land in Bermuda-and her attempt to return home is delayed and detoured- she is taken to France, then England, where she turns down Hazard's marriage offer when she learns that he had undertaken an espionage mission for Wellington. Finally, she reaches America, only to find that Hazard has preceded her- and convinced her father of his worth so that she too is open to persuasion... The costumes do not conceal the more obvious contours of the characters- and plot- but it is tolerable and acceptable. Rentals chiefly.

Pub Date: April 19th, 1961
ISBN: 1402255772
Publisher: Morrow