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WOMEN OF BRITAIN by Jan-Ed. Struther Kirkus Star



Pub Date: May 15th, 1941
Publisher: Harcourt Brace

A selection of letters from women in Britain, presented with an introduction and a running commentary by Jan Struther. Here, once again, is reflected the quiet loyalty and courage of an entire people through the small detail of everyday life. And here also is that very ""determined determination"" which so amazes and so inspires. Jan Struther has assembled these letters to show one aspect of the war largely -- that of the disruption of family life as for the first time England faces a war which means equal terror and devastation for those at home and those abroad. Through these letters one reads the varied reactions of women of all ages, all classes, in London, in the suburbs, in the country, reactions of bewilderment -- of anger -- of resignation. Here is total war with all the ""ordinariness and extraordinariness"" which accompanies it. It cannot fail but have great dramatic and human interest. There have been a good many other books of this type, but the Jan Struther name will undoubtedly carry this one a good bit farther than its predecessors.