QUIET DESPERATION: The Truth About Successful Men by Jan Halper

QUIET DESPERATION: The Truth About Successful Men

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Businesswoman-turned-psychologist Harper surveyed executives and managers of Fortune 500 companies as part of a market-research project problems in business. What resulted from her 4,000 interviews is this book, which explodes many myths we hold about successful men: that it's lonely at the top (not necessarily, and when tree, often self-imposed); that men have the ability to separate their personal and professional lives (rarely); and that men who repress their feelings are stronger than men who respond emotionally (not true). The interviewees were asked provocative questions: How do you handle conflicts? Have you made sacrifices to achieve success and would you make them again? Do you feel that your company expects you to put your ethics or values on the line? Why did you marry? How do you feel about women in the workplace? Of the 43 men that Halper studied in detail, she found that they were questioning their roles; wanted to establish identities separate from their workplace; not only coped but survived and grew from the loss of love relationships; and never expected that success would bring unhappiness but are resolved to change in order to correct that situation. An honest book, with fresh insights into today's successful men.

Pub Date: May 16th, 1988
Publisher: Warner