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Pub Date: May 26th, 1980
Publisher: Workman

A clear, concise guide to the author's breast self-examination technique which goes beyond American Cancer Society material and may reach new, cancer-phobic groups of women. As the author points out, one out of 15 women eventually gets breast cancer; it is vital that all such cancers be detected in their earliest stages, and that treatment be sought immediately. (On an average, women wait five-six months between detection and seeing a physician; this much lowers the likelihood of successful treatment.) Milan describes the normal breast structure and function; possible normal Findings, and reasons for abnormal findings. He explains medical breast-screening techniques such as thermograms and mammograms; and feels that, despite recent questions about the safety of mammography, it is the most valuable diagnostic procedure developed in the last century. The importance of medical record-keeping in each family is stressed, especially in regard to breast disease; and an extensive monthly checklist is laid out to follow when carrying out a self-exam. Milan has an urgent tone, and occasionally lapses into overt preaching; but overall he's straightforward and sympathetic. His recommended procedure requires only a large mirror and ten minutes; small price for a large benefit. Brief and to the point, this is one book that could convince dilatory women to begin a program of self-examination.