CIRCLE OF LOVE by Jan Nickerson


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Returning home from summer camp, Connie Alden finds her father 100 miles away on a new and permanent job, her mother vague and upset about the forthcoming move to Pleasant Falls Valley, and Connie's plans to attend an exclusive private school for her senior year, cancelled. When domineering Aunt Selina takes over, Connie is faced with an additional problem, namely, that of maintaining her independence. Actually she manages quite well -- enjoying her Aunt's sumptuous parties to which only the ""right"" teenagers are invited, dating Paul Sherwood, an intellectual from the wrong side of the tracks and continuing to be popular at school. Connie's desire to see her family reunited is thwarted by her mother's indecisiveness and her aunt's interference. When Connie can take no more, she heads for a reunion with Dad and is pleasantly shocked to welcome her mother in their ""circle of love"" a few days later. Fortunately for Connie, there are no fundamental choices to make and little to surrender. She can keep her school friends and her social connections separate, she can have Dad as well as Aunt 's respect and . She can join the social Assembly and keep peace with Paul. For the gullible few who believe real problems are solved in this way, this book will be comfortably supportive.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1962
Publisher: Funk & Wagnalls