A BLOOD AFFAIR by Jan Roberts


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A high-concept first novel: unwitting Mafia bride falls in love with renegade priest who's working for the IRA. You need details? After getting raped during a beauty salon robbery and blacking out just before her attacker is killed, British nanny India Grey finds herself pursued by handsome, sexy Washington lawyer Jack Donovan. Not until after a whirlwind romance ends when they're married by Father Michael Fitzgerald--the marriage remaining unconsummated because of India's traumatic memories--does she learn from Father Michael that Jack's the oldest son of feared Sicilian don Salvatore Coltelli. Not even the revelation that Michael is one of the beauty-salon thieves--after all, he and his mates were just trying to recover some money that the Church, through its Northern Irish brethren, had unwisely allowed to slip into one of the Coltellis' private banks--can keep India out of his bed. ""Their lovemaking, as usual, was perfect,"" reports Roberts--but it's about the only thing that is, as India's jitters about being followed everywhere by Jack's faithful goon Paulie and Jack's sibling rivalry with his kid brother Angelo both come to a head with the news that India is pregnant. Can she get a quick Manhattan abortion without Jack finding out? If Paulie follows her to the clinic, can she prevent him from telling Jack? Is she really any safer with hot-and-cold Michael anyway? And after the last cast member has been blown away, will there be anyone left to share India's happy ending? Grave questions, indeed, but all dwarfed by a graver still: Should you read this book, or wait for the inevitable miniseries? Decisions, decisions.

Pub Date: April 1st, 1992
Page count: 272pp
Publisher: Simon & Schuster