CYPRESS MAN by Jane Beynon


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Macabre touches, occasional overemphasis, for a nonetheless intriguing story of the development of murder, as violence is fed by the weakness, the egotism, the instability of a young musician. Ran is twenty odd, looks like a young god, poses as a genius, and exacts devotion from his best friend, Peter, and from Jeanie, who had loved him for five years, and from Claire, whom he marries, suddenly and mistakenly. As the dissonances of his relationship with Claire increase, he turns back to Jeanie, making selfish demands on her time and affections, and holding his place as primadonna of the quartet. He cannot bear it when Jeannie falls in love with Peter, and attempts to retaliate with murder...A study of the creative temperament with its unbalance, its narcissism, its immaturity directed against conventional forces.

Publisher: Bobbs-Merrill