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Nursery Rhymes, Songs, and Stories for Babies

by Jane Cobb illustrated by Kathryn Shoemaker

Pub Date: May 10th, 2007
ISBN: 978-0969866619
Publisher: Black Sheep Press

A collection of songs and rhymes for infants featuring an accompanying music CD and analysis of developmental benefits.

In her second book, Cobb (I’m a Little Teapot!, 1996) explains how this compilation borrows from 12 years of experience teaching preschool programs for infants, toddlers, parents and caregivers, paired with her research into cognitive science and language acquisition. Introductory information on child development serves as the supportive springboard for soon-to-be-singing parents. Cobb provides a short but fascinating look at the development of some of the brain’s processes, both before and after birth, several of which she refers to as brief “windows of opportunity”—the crucial periods of time when external stimulation can help the brain develop into its greatest potential. At these times especially, according to Cobb, rhymes, songs and stories can nurture an infant’s physical and emotional growth. A timely song can soothe and relax a crying newborn, engage and encourage creative playtime or build memory skills and introduce vocabulary words to foster early literacy. Because hearing is the first sense to develop—after about six months in the womb—a mother’s voice becomes supremely comforting to her child, so Cobb encourages even the tuneless among us to persevere because “[y]our voice is the voice your baby loves best.” For readers interested in teaching this parent-child program, Cobb also includes four helpful and detailed examples of classroom instructions with suggestions for recruitment, setting, pacing, record keeping and registration. The delightful and expansive collection of over 350 rhymes and songs—36 featured on the accompanying CD—and 10 stories will add to any parent or caregiver’s repertoire.

A lovingly packaged collection of songs worth singing.