MY FRIEND ANNIE by Jane Duncan


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From the Miss Boyds, to Muriel, to Monica and now to Annie, Janet Sandison continues her collection of ""Friends"", with Annie closer in time, to the Miss Boyds-for here Janet, motherless, goes with her father to a farm near Glasgow. There the housekeeper, Miss Jean, personifies the gossiping, morally beclouded people Janet is to know in Catraton, and there Annie, who is a close friend -- rather often an enemy -- becomes part of the shadow under which Janet lives. For her bookishness, the prizes she is awarded, her friendship with Hugh who has only one arm, even her relationship with her father, become tainted by the rumors, the taunts and the slurs, that are spread; her father's marriage to Miss Jean and Janet's at a final prize giving eals in the . And, even ""married"" to Twice and returning to Reachfar, the haunting continues with Annie turning up in far away places and Miss Jean spewing viciousness on all. Those who have found Janet's revelations -- and evaluations -- of particular concern will here further, and more intimate, source material here.

Publisher: St Martin's Press