THE CITY by Jane Gaskell


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By the end of Atlan (p. 68), Cija, the diarist-heroine of Gaskell's multivolume impossibility, hadn't yet been sold to a brothel or diddled by an ape-man. Followers of the series will be relieved to learn that these deficiencies are remedied in this final installment and that Cija has now been safely returned, with her baby daughter Seka, to the embrace of her mother the Dictatress--by way of a rope out the brothel window, the home of her rescuer's large, noisy family, a subterranean labyrinth full of sacred alligators, and a brief jungle-idyll with the aforesaid ape-man. The proceedings, as before, make about as much sense as a representative sampling of Alley Oop, but are hugely and improbably enjoyable.

Pub Date: April 3rd, 1978
Publisher: St. Martin's