THE RICHES OF LIFE by Jane Geniesse


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A little less than a whole novel but an attractive accessory (by a New York and Times Sunday Magazine contributor) about the kind of women who live on the upper East Side and go to the Colony for lunch before picking up their children at Chapin. Like Sarah Bowler who at 33 is beginning to wonder what's left of her life besides fashion luncheon benefits or entertaining her Harvard ""Christian Liberal"" lawyer's clients? Actually he's the ultimate chauvinist cochon when she takes a job cataloging an Oriental art dealer's collection which he's about to move out of his gallery, elsewhere? He believes that art belongs to the world and it all sounds much more magniloquent than it is, particularly after Sarah looks at a very special 15th-century porcelain which came from a nearer provenance, the Met. The finale is a flurry of excitement one step behind the US Customs. A summer weekend tote bag item--scrutable but stylish.

Pub Date: July 9th, 1976
Publisher: Doubleday