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by Jane Green

Pub Date: June 17th, 2008
ISBN: 978-0-670-01885-7
Publisher: Viking

A Nantucket house sparks romance and mystery in the latest from Green (Second Chance, 2007, etc.).

Windermere is a glorious beach house on the shores of Nantucket. The home has been the site of riotous parties, romance and tremendous loss. The Powell family has inhabited Windermere for generations. Nan Powell—a woman of a certain age—is the current occupant. Despite suffering the loss of her husband on Windermere’s beach, Nan decided to stay put and raise her son, Michael, in Nantucket. Now alone in her large home, Nan refuses to downsize. She adores rambling around in her home and watching the developers drool over her nine acres of oceanfront property. As an aging widow, Nan has earned a reputation as a bit of an eccentric—this suits her just fine. Her cavalier attitude catches up with her when she finds out that all of her investments have tanked and she is out of cash. To make ends meet, Nan decides to let out rooms at Windermere. She dusts off the furniture and writes an ad. Woosh. A breath of fresh air enters the somewhat musty home as Nan welcomes her boarders. The boarders make up an odd lot: There’s Daniel, newly out of the closet and estranged from his wife; Daff, a single mother trying to find herself and deal with an unruly teenage daughter; and Michael, Nan’s son, a refugee from New York after an affair with his boss turns sour. The combination of Nan’s meddling and Windermere’s magic brings unexpected romance. As love blossoms all around her, Nan comes to terms with her future. Spending a few hours combing through the gardens and beaches of Green’s Nantucket is a great way to make a long plane ride seem much shorter. And if you can’t recall much of the plot after turning the last page, so what?

Neatly packaged beach diversion.