EMERALD ENJOYED THE MOONLIGHT by Jane; Illus. Seymour Fleishman Thayer
Kirkus Star


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Emerald, cat-fashion, was hypnotized by the moon. Her owner, Mrs. Bucklestone, tried to get him to come into the house. The trouble was, Mrs. Bucklestone could only see the white tip of his tail as he led her through a treacherous obstacle course that took them into the woods near their home. Mrs. Bucklestone suffered from night blindness due to watching television for too long. When, after stumbling, tearing her dress, losing a shoe and all her hair pins, she finally caught up with Emerald, she found him still mesmerized by the light of the moon on the lake, and she took another look at the moon herself. She discovered rare beauty, forgave Emerald on the spot and vowed to spend less time at TV so that she could re-discover the beauties around her. The author has supplied a gently spoofing text in a vocabulary that is simple without being simpleminded. The illustrator has captured a swirling, luminous moonlight to lead Emerald and the bulky, clumsy Mrs. Bucklestone on.

Pub Date: Aug. 19th, 1964
Publisher: Morrow