QUIET ON ACCOUNT OF DINOSAUR by Jane; Illus. Seymour Fleishman Thayer
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Mary Ann's chance discovery of Dandy the dinosaur has a comic simplicity that is sure to please. Dandy had been taking a short nap of a few centuries' duration, his head in a mountain cave near Mary Ann's home. The benign brontosaurus awakened with a sweet temper and docilely descended into the clangor of the mid-20th century. The noise of it all nearly drove him out of his tiny head and he became a cumbersome, cowering neurotic. With the aid of a famous scientist, Mary Ann learns that noise is Dandy's problem, and she solves it with the stunning sign: ""QUIET ON ACCOUNT OF DINOSAUR"". Dandy recovers his composure, although young readers are sure to lose theirs on reading or hearing the deadpan humor of the text. Dandy is superbly drawn and is a desirable, sprawling prehistoric pet in eyecatching colors.

Pub Date: Feb. 19th, 1964
Publisher: Morrow