JULIE by Jane Kesner Morris


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Some eloquent sentiment for a story of womanly worth and cheerful domesticity as demonstrated by Julie, frail as a girl -- but determined and dedicated as a wife and mother. Blocked -- by a firm father -- in her first love for Phillip, a penniless playwright, Julie is left behind in London when Phillip goes off to America and after several years marries Leon -- with more fondness than passion. Leon's activities as one of the early unionizers take them to America, first New York, then Chicago, and Julie, after one mishap, proceeds to produce four children. Phillip comes back into her life, and brings with him the old rapport -- and rapture -- which she circumvents. Labor agitation and unemployment and poverty precede, the move to Chicago -- and a riot there takes Leon's life, but leaves Julie to carry on with the fortitude already manifest...... As you can see, this is the portrait of a very brave little woman which sputters and burbles its way through self-sacrifice and hardship which is unflinching -- or is it?

Pub Date: Aug. 1st, 1952
ISBN: 0548450862
Publisher: McGraw-Hill