ROBIN HOOD IN THE GREENWOOD by Jane Louise--Adapt. Curry


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Continuing the tale begun in Robin Hood and His Merry Men (1994, not reviewed), Curry introduces Friar Tuck and Marian by having both of them battle Robin to a draw, sends the merry men out to trick and frustrate the Sheriff of Nottingham repeatedly, and brings Robin and the king (Richard, presumably, though he's never named) together. Readers will need to know who Robin, Will Scarlet, Little John, and Much are, as their adventures are picked up in full career, but the author writes with less-practiced readers in mind, expressing Robin's stubborn sense of what's right and fair in simple, clear language, and adding a glossary at the end. Despite a pitched battle or two, the characters here are so much more wont to feast than fight that it practically becomes a running joke. Curry expertly captures the tone of traditional versions in this vigorous, good-humored rendition.

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 1995
Page count: 49pp
Publisher: McElderry