GHOST LANE by Jane Louise Curry


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A tricky, multi-layered mystery in a glorious English setting. Because his widowered opera-singer dad is performing at Glyndebourne, 11-year-old Richard Morgan is happily spending the summer not in Baskinville, Illinois, with stiff, hateful Aunt Gwen and Uncle Bob but in tiny Gosford--where on his first day he takes tea with elderly Mr. Drew and his solicitous nephew George at antiques-filled Goslings; meets amiable Fan and her startling alert, silent little brother Nolly; rides in the Goslings Silver Ghost Rolls; and hears tell of a real Goslings ghost. The last, it turns out, will have to wait for a sequel (when, presumably, Richard's father and Fan's personable divorced mother will have married); but meanwhile there's the Ghost Mob burglarizing England's stately homes to attend to. Why the repeated swoops on Goslings? Why the suspect's reference to ""another lot for Father Christmas,"" which can only mean Mr. Drew? Where has Nolly gone to. . . the night Goslings is nearly cleaned out? And what of his sudden reappearance backstage at Glyndebourne? That's not nearly all that's mystifying before Nolly (apparently traumatized by his father's early desertion) finally is impelled to talk; before Richard's and Fan's hunches pay off; before George discloses his own guilty secret--and, in the book's careful, qualified way, is neither totally exonerated nor totally condemned. With some lively musical interludes, some scary sleuthing, and lots of regal feasting, a book to down rapidly and with relish.

Pub Date: April 18th, 1979
Publisher: Atheneum