AMAZING AMERICA by Jane & Michael Stem


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Who needs Disneyland with over 600 kooky attractions scattered across the USA? Listed state by state, with essential access info, are exceptional collections and eccentric dwellings (paper, polka-dotted), mass-cult shrines (like Elvis' birthplace), and bizarre relics (like Florence Nightingale's cap), the undersize and the outsize (world's largest lobster trap, ladderback chair, cheese, etc.), assorted festivals and tournaments (okra and collards, not roses, in this line-up), and numerous unclassifiables--such as Parris Island. The compilers, in fact, have a fine sense of their sights' curiosity value and some redeeming taste: nothing here appears to be seamy or out-and-out tawdry, most of the initiators are individuals, communities, or established firms (not commercial promoters), many of the sights--from Adamsville, R.I.'s Red Hen Monument to Houston's ""Indeterminate Facade""--cost nothing to see, and some are even educational. For effortless learning, try the Lumberman's Museum, the Songwriters' Hall of Fame, or a Culinary Institute of America tour.

Pub Date: June 1st, 1978
Publisher: David Obst/Random House