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by Jane Myers Perrine

Pub Date: Nov. 5th, 2013
ISBN: 978-0-89296-903-6
Publisher: FaithWords

The Widows of the Butternut Creek Christian Church have successfully paired pastor Adam and Gussie Milton, and now they are determined to plan their wedding, while also matching Adam’s earnest sister with Gabe, the basketball coach; head Widow Birdie is far too busy to take care of herself or find time for romance.

Adam knows Gussie is the woman for him, but getting her to commit is more difficult and nerve-wracking than expected. He has pressure from the well-intentioned but meddling Widows of Butternut Creek and also has to deal with the problematic return of Hannah, his intense physician sister, from Africa. Adam has a lot of issues to juggle, and being a pastor doesn’t seem to help in navigating his own personal problems. However, if love and faith can help smooth choppy waters, Adam must believe everything will turn out OK. For the first time in her life, Hannah feels adrift. Missing Kenya, but overwhelmed by the shattering hopelessness of the situation there while recovering from a serious illness, she is struggling with her faith and her life path. When Adam’s friend Gabe, a seriously gorgeous ex-NBA player and the local high school basketball coach, takes a surprising interest in her, she is unnerved yet fascinated by the unaccustomed attention. Torn between the life she thought she wanted and the confusing relationship suddenly in front of her, Hannah must find the courage to take stock, examine her core values and fight for the perfect future. Meanwhile, Widow Birdie is so busy trying to engineer everyone else’s life in Butternut Creek, she fails to notice the warning signs of danger in her own. The third installment of the Butternut Creek series of inspirational romances allows a continued glimpse into the quirky, eccentric citizens of this small Texas town. Perrine offers a pleasant, meandering glimpse of love and courtship in Butternut Creek and a sweet, faith-based romance that combines humor and emotionalism. Generally well-crafted and engaging for the right reader, with funny, authentic characters, the book is slightly marred by occasional writing missteps.

An affable and entertaining romance for the inspirational audience.