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THE GOOD WOMAN by Jane Porter


by Jane Porter

Pub Date: Sept. 4th, 2012
ISBN: 978-0-425-25300-7
Publisher: Berkley

Beautiful Meg Brennan has constructed the perfect life by always doing what’s best for everyone else. But what if she wants something for herself?

When the Brennan sisters gather for their annual weekend in Porter’s (His Majesty’s Mistake, 2012, etc.) latest, almost everyone arrives with some girl troubles. Sarah worries that her husband might cheat on her again. Kit worries that her boyfriend of 10 years will never ask her to marry him. Kit’s surly twin, Brianna, has flown in from Africa seemingly for the sole purpose of criticizing Meg. Their sister-in-law, Cass, has just undergone her third round of IVF and can't even come to the beach house. But worst of all, Mom’s cancer has returned. The Brennan girls are tight, yet Meg cannot bring herself to share what’s troubling her. How could she? Meg is, and always has been, the good girl. With a loving husband, Jack, and three happy children, Meg herself holds a classy job as a publicist for local Dark Horse Winery. But lately, Meg has been feeling romantically neglected by Jack. Coincidentally, her hunky boss, Chad, has invited her on a business trip to the London trade show. It’s a sure recipe for a torrid affair, an affair that Meg agonizes over, repeatedly telling herself that a fling with Chad might restore her self-confidence, but it would also destroy her marriage. 

It turns out that Meg was right: A good woman lives for, and is judged by, others.