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by Jane Tesh

Pub Date: Oct. 1st, 2011
ISBN: 978-1-59058-937-3
Publisher: Poisoned Pen

A P.I. and a psychic team up to solve a series of crimes.

Private eye David Randall’s life is a mess. The death of his daughter in a car crash has left him with a heavy burden of guilt and two failed marriages. Quitting his job with a detective agency to go out on his own, Randall immediately picks up a case. Since he’s been living in his car, he reluctantly takes up his psychic friend Camden’s invitation to stay in his huge boarding house, which even has room for an office. Camden’s boarders are a mixed bunch. Many don’t even pay rent. But Randall is hooked when he sees Kary Ingram, a beautiful college student with a troubled past. His first client is Melanie Gentry, who wants him to find proof that her great-grandmother Laura, drowned 60 years ago, was the real author of a collection of folksongs credited to her lover, John Burrows Ashford. Randall had recently stumbled on a murder distinguished by a book of musical notations found on the scene. Now bits of music seem to turn up everywhere. Ashford’s great-grandson provides no help, but Melanie gives Randall the names of a few people who might know something. Camden is being pressured by his ambitious girlfriend to take part in a PBS program on folksongs. When he’s suddenly possessed by Ashford’s arrogant spirit, Randall has to do something to solve both the past and present mysteries.

Tesh (A Hard Bargain, 2007, etc.) gets her new series off to a promising start.