SWAN COVE by Jane White Canfield


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Is this labeled an ""Early I CAN READ"" because it's half the length of standard entries in the series? Even at that slightly advanced reading level, what youngster familiar with love or above (or move or prove) can pronounce cove? Or, under any circumstances, sound out cygnet? Why a story, in either case, solely about the mating of two swans--a cob and a pen, to be precise--and the male swan's attack on an interloper? After our cob has routed the ""stranger-cob,"" ""His pen with their cygnet swims out to meet him. She mounts on his back. She puts her wings around him and preens and strokes his neck. He is her brave cob."" Love among the bullrushes, or why bother?

Pub Date: March 1st, 1978
Publisher: Harper & Row