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From the Jane Yolen's Eeny Series series

by Jane Yolen ; illustrated by Kathryn Brown

Pub Date: March 26th, 2024
ISBN: 9781623717056
Publisher: Crocodile/Interlink

Hot chocolate wins over strong opposition.

Eeny, the youngest of three mole sisters who live in a hole deep underground, is the only one of her siblings who dares venture “Up Above.” Eeny loves the newness and surprises of the world outside. Her sisters distrust anything different and warn her about dangers, especially humans, but she remains undeterred. Her description of something new and unimaginable—hot chocolate—makes her siblings swoon with horror. When Eeny can’t rouse them, she resorts to drastic measures: She travels Up Above, pours hot chocolate into acorn cups given to her by a human she’s befriended known only as “the Boy,” and returns home. (Only the Boy’s light-skinned hand is seen.) The beverage’s delectable aroma awakens the sisters, who bravely taste it, albeit not from their familiar hole. (They do appreciate that it’s dark like their hole.) When Eeny explains where it’s from, the sisters faint again, though they love it and want more. Eeny performs a sneaky maneuver that proves hot chocolate—or anything new and different—can move anyone out of their comfort zone. This thin but cute story and the colorful, lively illustrations are as sweet and cozy as a chocolate drink. Kids will admire Eeny’s pluck and be glad her sisters learn to broaden their horizons somewhat, demonstrating the importance of accepting change and becoming more open-minded.

A reminder that happiness derives from adapting to what might once have seemed strange.

(Picture book. 4-7)